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From ZERO starting, you may earned THOUSAND incomes...

We offer income opportunity, or it may called business opportunity for those who interested to be our 'Dropship Agent'. It is totally free of charges to be our 'Dropship Agent'. To apply & be our 'Dropship Agent' we will never asking for “Join Fee”, “Register Fee” or any fees.

The real part-time job from home or income opportunity will never ask you to pay them for anything such as join fees, management fees or etc...put it in your mind!

At this moments, we only have 'Dropship Agent' in Labuan, Brunei & Singapore only.
We currently needs & looking for 'Dropship Agent' for Peninsular Malaysia, Sarawak & Sabah. For those who from Peninsular Malaysia, Sarawak & Sabah, you are very welcome to apply to be our 'Dropship Agent', ...IF you INTERESTED to making EXTRA INCOMES.

  • Dropship is you promoting products sold by our company (in our blog) to your friends, relatives or public either online or offline without any capital. When someone (your customer) order product from you, then you submit the order to us and we will deliver the order directly to customers using courier.
  • We do dropship service in Malaysia, Brunei & Singapore.

  • No need of capital to purchase the product.
  • No need to keep physical/ready stock.
  • No need to send the product to the customer.
  • You get profits instantly and real-time because customer making order payment to you.
  • You earned nett profits because you only pay the cost price and dropship services.
  • We provide special incentives such as Yearly Best Performance Incentive and Monthly Top Seller Incentive.
  • We give Sales Incentive to all our Dropship Agents. For entitled to received this incentives agent must make at least 3 sales in 6 months. This incentives given every 6 months or twice in a year.
  • Special discount if you purchase for yourself.

  1. When promote our products to customers & the customer want to buy the products, you will submit the order to us.
  2. After received your order, we will enter the details of the buyer information such as name, address and phone number in our system for record then we will give Official Order Sheet for you to give to your customer.
  3. Then the customer making the order payment to you.
  4. After received the payment from your customer, you will take your profit (commission) and the balance you will submit to us by bank-in.
  5. After we received the payment, we will complete the order process and send out the order to customer address using courier service.

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To apply you must fill up the application form & upload your NRIC/Identity Card.

  1. Citizen of Malaysia, Brunei & Singapore age above 18 years old on the application date.
  2. Have Maybank account - Savings or current account. For payment purpose.
  3. Able to read, calculate and computer literate.Trustworthy, honest and hard working doing promotion.
  4. Never had a criminal record and was never convicted in court for criminal acitivities.
  5. Fresh graduate, university student age above 18 years old can apply.

Documents Required
  1. Mandatory: National Registered Identity Card (NRIC) (please scan in colour and upload in application form)

Why we need NRIC?
  • Identification card (NRIC) is mandatory required for verification and security measures to prevent fraud because dropship agent handling the payment (cash) from customers.

Supporting Documents
  • Driving License
  • Passport
  • Business Registration (Ordinance/SSM/Council)

Fill up the application form and upload your NRIC. < Click HERE >
Before you fill the form please prepare your NRIC in image format such as .jpg, .gif, .png, .pdf. Please scan your NRIC in colour, clearly and easy to be read.

DROPSHIP ialah kerja mempromosikan kepada orang ramai produk-produk yang kami jual. Promosi boleh dilakukan secara online atau offline. Kaedah promosi secara online adalah salah satu cara yang berkesan dan cepat sampai kepada pelanggan. Pada masa ini terdapat banyak cara atau medium online yang boleh digunakan untuk tujuan promosi seperti laman social Facebook, Twitter, MySpace dan berbagai lagi serta laman web pengiklan yanng menawarkan khidmat pengiklanan percuma atau berbayar seperti Mudah [dot] my dan banyak lagi.
Pada masa ini, kami menjalankan perkhidmatan Dropship di Malaysia, Brunei dan Singapura.

  • Tidak memerlukan modal untuk membeli produk.
  • Tidak perlu menyimpan stok atau barang jualan.
  • Tidak perlu menghantar produk kepada pembeli.
  • Terus mendapat keuntungan kerana pelanggan membayar kepada anda.
  • Keuntungan yang diperolehi adalah untung bersih, kerana anda tidak mengeluarkan sebarang modal.
  • Kami juga menyediakan insentif untuk agen dropship kami yang cemerlang seperti Insentif Untuk Prestasi Terbaik Tahunan dan Insentif Prestasi Terbaik Bulanan.
  • Insentif Jualan pula akan diberikan kepada semua agen dropship kami pada setiap 6 bulan atau 2 kali dalam setahun. Untuk melayakkan seseorang agen mendapat Insentif Jualan, seseorang agen tersebut mestilah telah ada membuat sekurang-kurangnya 3 jualan dalam tempoh 6 bulan.
  • Diskaun istimewa khas untuk agen dropship kami jika membuat pembelian produk untuk diri sendiri. Diskaun istimewa ini hanya boleh digunakan untuk membeli 3 produk (maksima) sahaja dalam tempoh sebulan.

  • Anda (agen dropship) mempromosikan produk-produk yang kami jual kepada pelanggan.
  • Pelanggan membuat tempahan melalui anda.
    Anda menghantar tempahan kepada kami.
  • Butiran tempahan dan pelanggan akan dimasukkan dalam sistem kami untuk rekod.
  • Kami memberikan Order Sheet rasmi kepada anda untuk anda berikan kepada pelanggan tersebut.
  • Pelanggan tersebut membuat bayaran kepada anda(agen dropship).
  • Anda (agen dropship) mengambil komisen anda dari bayaran yang dibayar oleh pelanggan dan baki bayaran tersebut diberikan kepada.
  • Setelah kami menerima bayaran tersebut, kami akan menghantarkan tempahan terus ke alamat pelanggan tersebut menggunakan perkhidmatan kurier.

Carta Proses Dropship.
(Sila klik pada gambar di bawah untuk membesarkan gambar)


Kelayakan Sebagai Agen Dropship
  1. Rakyat Malaysia, Brunei dan Singapura yang berumur tidak kurang dari 18 tahun pada tarikh permohonan.
  2. WAJIB: Mempunyai akaun Maybank. (untuk pembayaran komisen dan tempahan pelanggan)
  3. Tahu membaca, mengira dan menggunakan komputer.
  4. Amanah, jujur dan rajin membuat promosi. (ini bukan kerja “Duduk Diam-Diam Dapat Duit – 4D”)
  5. Tidak mempunyai rekod jenayah dan tidak pernah dibicarakan di mahkamah di atas kes jenayah.
  6. Pelajar universiti atau kolej yang berumur di atas 18 tahun pada tarikh permohonan layak memohon.

Dokumen Wajib
  1. Kad Pengenalan Malaysia, Brunei dan Singapura.
  • Kad pengenalan adalah wajib sebagai pengesahan dan langkah keselamatan untuk mengelakkan penipuan kerana agen Dropship mengendalikan bayaran (wang) pelanggan.

Dokumen Sokongan
  • Pendaftaran Syarikat (Ordinan/SSM/Majlis)
  • Passport
  • Lesen Memandu

Isikan borang permohonan DiSini.
NRIC / Kad Pengenalan anda adalah wajib. Scan berwarna kad pengenalan supaya mudah dibaca.
Muatturunkan Kad Pengenalan anda didalam borang permohonan. Klik disini untuk borang permohonan.


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Thank you very much Amitech sdn bhd. With this opportunity given to me, Now i can enjoy my income RM5k to 10k every month. I was start with RM0. For those out there who looking for part time job from, this is the real parttime job you must do.